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Prof. Gerald Erickson
Classical and Near Eastern Studies,
University of Minnesota

Evolution and Religious Ignorance

Professor Erickson shows that the Greeks figured out that life must have originated in the sea and that humans evolved from earlier life forms. The concept of survival of the fittest was understood, and they even surmised from observation and reasoning that the world came about through natural causes! No gods were needed!

Total Time 18:16 min

Evolution in Ancient Greece

Professor Erickson discusses all the unintelligently designed aspects of nature and the mindless cruelties that evolutionary processes inflict on sentient beings. To make matters worse, religious ignorance of evolution has led to many unnecessary cruelties inflicted by humans on humans. Ignorance of sexuality is only the most obvious example.

Total Time 18:07 min

The Evolution of Christianity

Prof. Erickson presents the historical record of how Christianity changed from a hodge-podge of vague beliefs in the early years that were essentially decent (was Jesus divine or human, did he rise from the dead or not, was he part of the odhead or a lesser prophet?) to a murderous tyranny noted for its inquisitions and war-making.

Total Time 19:21 min


Prof. Gerald Erickson discusses Epicurus, an ancient Greek who was centuries ahead of his time but was maligned by Christians for supposedly advocating a wastrel, hedonistic, lifestyle. By advocating godless living that was rational, pleasurable, and responsible, Epicurus offered an enjoyable, intelligent way to live. His ideas about the physical world were consistent with modern thinking on cosmology, evolution, an infinite universe, and the atomic structure of matter.

Total Time 19:05 min

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