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Todd Friel

Todd Friel
a co-host of
Way of the master
KKMS Christian radio

We'd like to thank ToddFriel of KKMS radio (a Christian station) for the hours of entertainment he provides us!
Unfortunately he just doesn't quite get it that using the Bible to argue his case with an atheist/humanist/freethinker is not logical. It is similar to using "Little Red Riding Hood" to explain that wolves can speak.

Monkeys breed with Monkeys

This is a hilarious video from Way Of The Master Watchdog satirizing Todd's apparent lack of understanding of the basic elements of evolution. Authored by Finnish contributor Henwli, also posted on Rational Response Squad's pages

Total Time :53 min

Todd debates Dan Barker

Todd debated Dan Barker of Freedom From Religion Foundation at the University of Minnesota on the subject "Does god exist?". I'm sure he went away from this thinking that he did his best to offer "evidence" for the existence of "god". All of his evidence was direct from the Bible, which offers none.

Total Time 1:40:15

Mark Perkel

Marc Perkel, the First One of the Church of Reality is often heard giving radio interviews. Todd interviews him here. At one "blasphemous" point the voice of "god" himself joins the call (Todd's god).

Total Time 53:00 min


On Feb 22nd Reginald Finley Sr. "The InfidelGuy" was on "The way of the master" radio show. He did an excellent job with Mr. Friel showing not only his position, but that, when you are confident in your position you don't have to try to talk over the person you are debating as Todd does. Nor do you have to keep changing the subject when it gets uncomfortable.

Total Time 53:00 min

Reba Boyd Wooden and Todd

Reba Boyd Wooden, Coordinator for CFI Community of Indiana was interviewed by Todd on 1/18/06.She did an excellent job talking to Mr. Friel (especially since hecalled her a day early to catch her off guard).

Total Time 52:58 min

Ellen Johnson and Todd

Todd speaks with Ellen Johnson American Atheists

Total Time 17:32 min
Marie Castle was interviewed by Todd a few times without any advance warning. She did a fantastic job explaining herposition.

Todd vs Marie 1

Total Time 39:26 min

Todd vs Marie 2

Total Time 8:45 min

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